COST Action CA18112 MechSustInd
Training School 2022

Mechanochemical synthesis and kinetics


Date: June 13th to June 16th, 2022
Local host: Francesco Delogu, Università degli Studi di Cagliari
Location: Cagliari, Italy



About the school


This course will enable participants to gain basic training in carrying out solid state reactions in general using normal laboratory ball mills. The main aims of the school are:
1. To familiarize less experimented users to mechanochemical processes, using diverse milling equipment.
2. Learn on how to make use of standardized mechanochemical reaction conditions.
3. To get familiar with kinetics of mechanochemical reactions.
The presented knowledge should increase the use of mechanochemistry for APIs synthesis and its applications in catalysis. The TS is organized in the week immediately following the INCOME2022 conference, co-organized by the Action.
The school is organized in a hybrid format — the theoretical lessons will be also accessible online for anyone. The experimental sessions are available only for the physically present par-ticipants. Travel grants for trainees are available.
The school capacity for the experimental part is 10 trainees.


About MechSustInd


COST action CA18112 Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry (MechSustInd) aims at com-munity building of mechanochemists across Europe. Education of young researchers, training of specialised scientists, engineers and technologists, promoting excellence and cross-fertilization among different fields is one of the important objectives of the Action.




The training school “Mechanochemical synthesis and kinetics” will be held at the campus of the Complesso Universitario di Monserrato, located in S.P. Monserrato-Sestu Km 0,700, 09042 Monserrato.

Laboratory activities


LDCM 6, Block G, D3 axis, 1st floor.



Transfer Service


Transfer Service
Once you arrive in Cagliari, you can make use of buses, trains and taxi services to transfer from the airport, the port, the bus station or the train station to your accommodation.

Taxi: about 20 minutes

Cooperativa Radiotaxi Quattro Mori: +39 070 400 101
Taxi Cagliari Picciau Riccardo: +39 328 733 9271

Bus: about 45 minutes
CTM Cagliari


Practical details


The training school starts on Monday, June 13th 2022 and finishes on Thursday, June 16th 2022.


Announced lectures


Ana Belenguer
Steady-states in mechanochemical transformations

Elena Boldyreva
Mechanochemistry: Retrospect, challenges, prospects

Duncan Browne
Examples of metal-catalysed cross-coupling processes under ball-milling conditions

Evelina Colacino
Mechanochemical synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Francesco Delogu
Bridging the gap between the global and local kinetics of mechanochemical transformations

Michael Felderhoff
Mechanically activated solid-gas reactions

Felipe Garcia
Main group mechanochemistry: Synthesis of compounds and materials

Koji Kubota
Mechanochemical synthesis of Grignard reagents and other related organometallics

Andrea Porcheddu
Rearrangements in mechanochemistry: a matching puzzle game

Pier Carlo Ricci
Optical properties of mechanochemical reactions: From single impacts to continuous monitoring