Tomislav Friscic

(McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Tomislav Friščić is a Professor and Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Mechanochemistry and Solid-state Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, McGill University.

               His team is developing strategies for safer, cleaner and environmentally-friendly synthesis of molecules and material design. He is a co-author on almost 290 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and patent applications, and is a co-founder of two “CleanTech” start-ups. He received his B.Sc. at the University of Zagreb with Branko Kaitner (2001), followed by a Ph.D. with Len MacGillivray at the University of Iowa (2006). He was a post-doctoral associate with William Jones (2006), a Herchel Smith Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge (2008), joining McGill University in 2011.

               He is the Chair of the Canadian National Committee for Crystallography, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada, and his group’s work was recognized by several awards, including the Brusina Medal of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences (2020), Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (2019), Royal Society of Canada Rutherford Medal in Chemistry (2018), Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences (2018), and others.