Dritan Hasa

(University of Trieste, Italy)

Dr Dritan Hasa graduated and obtained a PhD in 2013 in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at the University of Trieste (Italy) under the supervision of Prof Dario Voinovich. Subsequently, Dritan spent one year as postdoctoral researcher working on a project that involved industrial partners. In 2014, he moved at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (UK) as part of the materials chemistry group led by Professor William Jones. In March 2017, Dritan joined the Leicester School of Pharmacy (UK) as Vice-Chancellor Lecturer of Pharmaceutics. From November 2019, Dr Hasa returned at the department of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, University of Trieste, as an Assistant Professor. He has been also a visiting scientist at the University College Cork (Ireland), and the University of Dusseldorf (Germany) where Dritan learned about hot melt extrusion with Professor Peter Kleinebudde. His current research focuses on the use of mechanochemical technologies for the preparation of functional pharmaceutical materials. Dr Hasa has a keen interest on finding new applications for pharmaceutical polymeric materials. He also performs fundamental research at issues surrounding all aspects of crystallization and polymorphism in single and multicomponent materials. Dr Dritan Hasa has co-authored 36 papers, and has already been invited as speaker in different national and international conferences. In 2019, he was listed among 21 emerging Investigators in Crystal Growth & Design.